(✿∪ ◡ ∪) when in doubt, lindsay weir
" Why do you sleep with ghosts? she wondered. And the other girl replied, Because they are invisible lovers. It’s like running your hands under the faucet: everything slips through their skin. It makes you feel invincible. "
" One of the saddest facts in this world is that some people are thankful for nothing, she remarked. But there are always things to be thankful for, he replied. Even tiny things like rays of light, the gentle wind, smiles that slowly blossom from hidden flowers to beautiful gardens. And she replied, Yes, I know. But there are so many people that will never appreciate those things. That’s why the rest of us ache so terribly-we have to make up for all that lost gratefulness. "
" What do you feel? he asked her. Nothing, she replied. And what is that like? he inquired. It’s like drowning in the ocean, like being sucked into a black hole with no hope of ever getting back out, she said. It’s like asking for the whole sky and not even receiving one tiny star. "
" Who would you like to marry? she wondered. And the other girl responded, I think I’d like to marry a writer. That way, when we make love, he’d fill me up with all his words. Can you imagine that? All those syllables and consonants and vowels swimming inside my body. I’d never run out of words for the rest of my life. "
Anonymous asked: what would you say your favorite bollywood movies are


the holy trinity: kuch kuch hota hain, kabhi khushi kabhi gham, kal ho naa ho

the supreme: dilwale dulhanie le jayenge

" There are days that I cannot find the sun even though its right outside my goddamn window "
" I’m so pathetically sensitive and I wish I wasn’t. I’m embarrassingly insecure and I overanalyze and overthink things that I shouldn’t worry about. I wonder how many things my weaknesses have ruined. Things that could have turned out great but I was too weak to handle. I’m constantly trying to get better and stronger, and I do. But I sometimes wonder if there is a certain level of weakness that I will never be able to escape. "